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Figaro Chain

Figaro Chain


The classic Figaro Chain is a timeless design that is most commonly worn as a standalone piece. Our take on the Figaro is minimally styled, so it also works well as a layering piece.

  • Dimensions

    Length: 16"

    Width: 2.5mm

    Net Weight: 10g

  • Materials

    18k Gold Plated- We use 18k gold since it is the best balance of purity and durability. Our gold plating is layered densely to ensure a longlasting product. We extensively test our products to ensure that they can be worn with casually and indiscriminately, but we do reccomend to avoid submerging our gold plated products in water for extended periods of time.


    Stainless Steel-  Our stainless steel offers enhanced durability and a longer lifespan than sterling silver due to its inherent corrosion and scratch-resistance. This means you can wear our stainless steel wherever, whenever. The material achieves a prominent level of sheen due to its highly reflective polish.

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